Thomas Jiralerspong


I am a Master’s student in computer science co-supervised by Yoshua Bengio and Doina Precup at Mila and Université de Montréal. I previously completed my Bachelor’s in honours computer science at McGill University working with Blake Richards and Doina Precup.

I am broadly interested in building AI systems that have more human-like capabilities such as system 2 thinking, out-of-distribution generalization, compositional reasoning, long-term planning, and efficient learning, as well as applying AI to projects that have a concrete positive impact on society.

To this end, my current research directions include:

  • Incorporating ideas from cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology, and causality into our AI models (example)

  • Exploiting the common-sense/world-knowledge capabilities of LLMs and VLMs to train/improve our AI models (example)

  • Applying AI to projects related to healthcare, drug discovery, climate change, and autonomous driving (example)

I am currently:

I have previously been:

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, watching/analyzing good movies, and writing sad songs (check out my (very) amateur music here)!

Reach out at if there is anything you want to discuss, I’m always happy to talk!